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Three-Sided Table Tents

Elevate your restaurant or business with our custom 3-Sided Table Tent printing service. Ideal for product promotions, menus, happy hour specials and much more.


Whether you’re a restaurant owner aiming to showcase your culinary offerings or a business looking to promote your services, our customizable Table Tent printing solution is perfect to grab your customers attention. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures that your Table Tents are of the highest quality, with sharp graphics and vibrant colors. Printed on a high quality smooth 80lb Cardstock, out table tents are easy to assemble and strong enough to stand solo. For busy environments, or a table tent you would like to last, opt for additional lamination. Lamination will not only protect your table tent, but it will also give it a nice matte or gloss finish, increasing customer attraction. Enhance your branding, elevate your business, and create a unique dining experience with custom Table Tents that set you apart. Shipped flat for easy assembly and display.   If you have questions or need this product printed in a hurry, please call our sales department at 604.736.8341   📍Pickup available in Kitsilano, 1744 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC