Return Policy

What is Vancouver Signs Return Policy?

Order with confidence with Vancouver Signs first time order satisfaction guarantee return policy!
With first time order clients, we offer a money back guarantee for jobs under $100 within 10 days of receiving your job.
If you are not satisfied with your full order, you can send it back to us for a full refund of the printing cost.
If your job is over $100, it is a large order and we will not give you any money back.
This is why we recommend you order small quantities first to test the products before you commit to larger orders.
Vancouver Signs will only correct issues such as incorrect cutting, print shifting, or major colour streaking which makes the prints unusable.
Vancouver Signs does Digital Printing, therefor has a limitation on the gamut of colours available to print in CMYK. Many colours you see on your monitor are not reproducible in CMYK, such as bright oranges and bright greens. We do our best to print your files as accurately as possible. Colours do not print as they display on your monitor. If you are not satisfied with your product, please email us at with your concerns and one of our customer services representatives will be in touch with you.
Alternatively call us at 604-736-8341 x2 to speak with one of our sales representatives.

Can I cancel my order?

All sales on our website are final. Due to the fact that jobs automatically go into our production facility quickly, by the time you call us to cancel, there is a chance your job has already been printed.

If you notice a problem with your order once you submit it, call us right away at 604-736-4571 with your order number and we will do our best to accommodate any changes you may have.