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Floor Graphics

We help companies brand everything from sky trains station to malls – walls, floors, and ceilings! Floor graphics are an underused tool that can help turn boring spaces into eye catching and impressive memories!

Floor graphics are a great way to communicate your company branding, promote wayfinding, marketing products, or showcasing an event or concert.  Whether short term for a high traffic convention, or long term in lower traffic areas, our team can come up with a customized solution for your space. There is no limit with what can be done with floor and wall graphics together. Our team of specialists can help you come up with out of box ideas to turn any space into a beautiful space!

Floor graphics are typically installed in schools, gymnasiums, malls, grocery stores, theme parks, restaurants, retail stores, recreational facilities, care homes, and museums.

With slip-resistant coatings, our floor graphics are safe and can be long lasting in the right conditions. We carry a variety of different materials depending on the application:

Smooth Anti-Slip Sidewalk Vinyl, Concrete Vinyl, Long-Term Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl, and Short-Term Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl. For a detailed description of each, please read below or connect with one of our product experts at 604-736-8341


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Also known as Floor Decals. VancouverSigns can print and install a variety of Floor Graphics depending on your specific application. All Floor Graphics come with an anti-slip coating eliminating the chance someone will slip on the graphic. Depending on the Floor Graphic type and quantity, turn around time of your job will vary. If you have a tight turn around, it is best to send your job through and discuss the details with our sales department at 604-736-8341. Once you upload your file, our team will call you to discuss the specifications and confirm your order details.

Indoor Short Term Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl
VancouverSigns Indoor Short Term Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl is great for smaller sized floor decals, lasting up to 6 months. The lower the foot traffic, the longer these decals will last. These decals are finished with an anti-slip coating, making them perfect for low to medium traffic indoor areas. Typical print size for these decals is 12”x12”, but maximum print size is not recommended over 18”x18”. If you want to go bigger, we recommend choosing the Indoor Long Term Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl.

Indoor Long Term Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl
Indoor Long Term Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl is great for larger floor decal applications, lasting 6 months or more in moderate to high traffic areas. A non-slip floor laminate is applied. Maximum print size without tiling is 52″x96″.

Outdoor Smooth Anti-Slip Sidewalk Vinyl
Outdoor Smooth Anti-Slip Sidewalk Vinyl is perfect for outdoor applications which many other vinyl have trouble sticking too, such as smooth walk ways. A non-slip floor laminate is applied to the surface. This product has a super thick and sticky adhesive layer which forms to the ground surface, and requires heat to be applied for rough surface applications. This product many not adhere well to super rough surfaces. Maximum print size without tiling is 52”x96”.

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