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Share your creativity with those around you by gifting custom Bookmarks. Bookmarks can leave a lasting impression on clients, friends, and family. At Vancouver Signs, we offer four unique bookmark styles for your designs. Choose your preferred size and style, upload your file, and let us do the rest!


Bookmarks by Vancouver Signs — Making Every Read Unforgettable

In a world of endless pages, a bookmark becomes an essential accessory. Vancouver
Signs presents unique bookmarks that not only help you save your page but also serve
as a canvas for showcasing your creativity.

Ideal for clients, vendors, or prospects, especially if your business is related to book
selling, knick-knacks, or stationery. Even if your business is unrelated to books, gifting a
bookmark is a distinctive advertising method that can leave a lasting impact. Each
bookmark subtly hints at your company or product, ensuring that your clients will
remember you during moments of reading their favorite books.

Order Bookmarks for:

        • Gifts for Clients, Vendors, or Prospects
        • Events, Exhibitions, or Trade Shows
        • Souvenirs at Weddings, Funerals, Graduations, or other Special Occasions


At Vancouver Signs, rest assured that your order will be executed with high quality and
attention to detail. Bookmarks are our art, and we take pride in each masterpiece
created by our company.

If you have questions or need this product printed in a hurry, please call our sales department at 604.736.8341

📍Pickup available in Kitsilano, 1744 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC